Registration Guide, Resources, and Final Exams

Registration Guide

Students should refer to the Registration Guide for important dates regarding upcoming academic terms. The Registration Guides include dates for Priority Registration, late registration, financial aid deadlines, withdrawals, fee payment deadlines, and more.

Registration Guide - Summer & Fall 2024

Registration Guide - Spring 2024

Search for Classes

Students may search for available course sections by subject, day, time, level, or specific characteristics such as distance learning, honors, general education, interdisciplinary programs, prescribed courses, study abroad, EXL, off-campus, etc. for the selected term by CLICKING HERE.  Students may also access their PipelineMT account and click on "Look Up Classes" to search and receive results in a easy-to-read, grid format.

Registration Information and Resources

Final Exams

Each course's final exam is based on its regular meeting days and times. Final exams are typically held in the same classroom in which the course meets throughout the semester. Some exceptions do apply. Students may check the final exam schedules below to determine when their final exams meet.  Please be aware that listed final exam days, time, and meeting rooms are subject to change; consult your syllabus and instructor with any questions.

Final exams for courses held in the Summer term or in the accelerated terms in Fall/Spring will be held on the last day of their regularly scheduled class, there is not a special final exam time for the smaller parts of term.

Spring Final Exam Schedule

Summer Final Exam Schedule

Fall Final Exam Schedule