Areas of Emphasis in Partnership with the Dance Program

If you are interested in a future career in the area of Dance, this emphasis area will provide you with the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of courses. Courses include studies in a variety of dance techniques, choreography and performance, dance history and theory, and dance pedagogy. Students interested in pursuing dance as a career may have an option for an internship providing real-world experiences and professional networking.

If this field of study interests you, discuss these areas of emphasis with your advisor and also consider a minor in Dance.

If you would like to talk to someone in Dance, you can contact Marsha Barsky at: or call: 615-494-7995

Suggested List of Classes with a Dance emphasis:

DANC 2000 – Introduction to Dance Studies
DANC 2010 – Modern Dance Techniques II
DANC 2020 – Jazz Dance Techniques II
DANC 2030 – Tap Dance Techniques II
DANC 2040 – Ballet Dance Techniques II
DANC 3010 – Modern Dance Techniques III
DANC 3020 – Jazz Dance Techniques III
DANC 3040 – Ballet Dance Techniques III
DANC 3600 – Teaching Creative Movement for Children
DANC 4000 – Dance Performance
DANC 4100 – Choreography I
DANC 4120 – Choreography II
DANC 4130 – Dance for Theatre
DANC 4140 – Internship in Dance
DANC 4200 – Women in 20th and 21st Century Dance
DANC 4290 – Special Topics in Dance
DANC 4570 – The Body Intelligent: A Study of the Alexander Technique
DANC 4600 – Theory and Practice I: The Body as an Instrument of Dance
DANC 4610 – Theory and Practice II: Pedagogy for Ballet and Modern Dance
DANC 4800 – History of Dance
DANC 4950 – Directed Studies – Teaching Assistantship
DANC 4990 – Senior Seminar

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