Jones College New Student Advising

Summer & Fall 2024 Freshmen & Transfer Students

As a new incoming student, you'll participate in MTSU's multiphase orientation. Students are required to participate in both:

  1. CUSTOMS Online (online orientation modules) and
  2. CUSTOMS (in-person or virtual advising and course registration event). (Students starting in the summer can choose to participate in either a CUSTOMS event or an advising appointment: Call 615-904-8063 to set up your 1 hour in-person or zoom advising appointment.)  
    1. Freshmen CUSTOMS Dates
    2. Transfer CUSTOMS Dates 
To ensure a smooth and positive advising experience, we recommend you follow these guidelines and sections:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to schedule a separate advising appointment?

No, If you are signed up for a CUSTOMS session, you do not need a separate appointment. Advising and course registration take place during both in person and virtual CUSTOMS events.

How long does CUSTOMS last?

The in-person CUSTOMS sessions are full day events. Check the CUSTOMS webpage for details. See Schedules.

The virtual transfer CUSTOMS sessions usually begin in the morning and last between one to two hours. Please make plans to clear your calendar. A Jones College advisor will reach out to you using your MTSU Outlook email with an appointment time, Zoom link,  and a virtual advising packet.

Do I complete both CUSTOMS online and CUSTOMS?

Yes, CUSTOMS online is an online module to be completed before your CUSTOMS date. CUSTOMS is the in-person or virtual advising and course registration event. 

I no longer want to be a business major, what do I do?

If you've already signed up for CUSTOMS, call the CUSTOMS office to inform them of your new major. Please be aware, your major cannot be updated in PipelineMT until you are enrolled in classes. If you haven't signed up for CUSTOMS, the registration form will ask for your major. Simply choose your new intended major. The advisor for your new major will submit a change of major form once you are enrolled in classes. 

I missed my CUSTOMS session. Can I reschedule?

 Contact the CUSTOMS office to reschedule. 


Advising Guidelines

  • Log into your PipelineMT account and remember your username and password. You will need these for the course registration portion of CUSTOMS.
  • Check your MTSU Outlook email everyday. Almost all of your orientation materials are sent to this account.
  •  Remove all registration holds before your CUSTOMS date. These holds are the most common:
  • For students choosing a zoom advising appointment (new summer students and virtual CUSTOMS dates):
    • Before this appointment, review your advisor email and all attached documents.
    • Set up your MTSU Zoom account and test your audio and video.
    • Find a quiet, stationary location for your Zoom session, free of distractions.
    • During the Zoom session, in addition to learning about your major and academic plan, you will register for classes.
    • This is a professional meeting. Be prepared to take notes, ask questions, and participate.
    • It is recommended that you use a computer rather than a phone or tablet due to screen-sharing features. Please make sure that you are using either Chrome or Firefox.
    • Your advisor may ask for your camera to be turned on.

Jones College Virtual Presentations & Advising Guides

These items prepare you for your CUSTOMS session and include information about business majors, the Jones College Admission Policy and how to read your advising materials.