Welcome to Supplemental Instruction!! 


Welcome to SI@MTSU!  This is your official MTSU source for all things related to Supplemental Instruction (SI), a service brought to you by the MTSU Office of Student Success.  Please feel free to browse our various sections of content, FAQs, and videos from peer institutions, and be sure to locate your course section’s scheduled SI sessions by clicking the link above.  We hope to see you at SI soon!

What is Supplemental Instruction?

SI is a peer-assisted, group study and discussion methodology that uses regularly scheduled, informal SI sessions to help students develop greater understanding of challenging content, refine study skills, and better integrate course material into their work and lives.  SI targets historically challenging courses, and SI leaders coordinate sessions in which students work together to immerse themselves in lecture material and content at a level over and above what is possible in traditional class meetings.  These sessions are great ways for students to explore challenging concepts or ideas; review and analyze class notes; deconstruct and discuss difficult reading assignments; learn test-taking strategies; and review for exams.  SI leaders are embedded in the courses in which they are responsible for leading group study sessions, and have typically performed at a very high level in those courses.  In short, SI leaders are in many ways just like you.  They have already completed your course and are eager to share their experiences and expertise with you!

Why should you attend Supplemental Instruction sessions?

  • First and foremost, because they work!  It is not uncommon for SI participants to score a half to full letter grade higher than non-participants, depending on their attendance and on the course.  
  • Through informal seminars, SI not only helps students with course material.  It also helps students develop the skills that they need to further their work at MTSU as successful and self-sufficient students.
  • SI gives you exclusive access to professionally trained SI leaders in group discussion and review sessions, where you can enhance your understanding of assigned material, practice course content, and develop skill-sets to support your long-term success at MTSU.
  • There is no long-term commitment or special forms required!  Attend as many or as few sessions as you wish, or as you need them.  Regular attendance is encouraged since what you get out of SI tends to correlate with the time and effort that you put into your participation.  So attend weekly, or just attend as your exams approach!
  • SI is voluntary and offered by the Office of Student Success FREE of charge to students enrolled in Supplemental Instruction courses.  All that is required of you is your time, effort, enthusiasm, and participation.

 Benefits of Attending SI

  • Typically higher course grades and better long-term student success, according to data from partner universities and the International Center for Supplemental Instruction, and various other research studies.
  • Meet new and interesting people, and increase your involvement in and connection to the MTSU campus (another important element of student success, more generally).
  • Learn and embrace valuable learning and analytical skills through directed exercises and discussions with your professional SI leader and your classmates.
  • Enjoy and immerse yourself in the learning process, the lifeblood of the university.