College of Education Academic Advising

Preparing educators to be knowledgeable, ethical, caring, difference makers for a global society.


Academic Advisors for the College of Education at MTSU strives to educate, empower, and serve students in their quest for academic success.

  • Academic Advisors EDUCATE students on degree requirements, academic standards, and policies and procedures.
  • Academic Advisors EMPOWER students by providing them with the information and tools necessary to make sound academic decisions. 
  • Academic Advisors SERVE as a resource to the campus community, as an advocate and to the community at large. 

Advising is a COLLABORATIVE PROCESS. Advisors and students work together to successfully navigate college by developing strategies for achieving students' academic, career, and personal goals. 


The goal of advising in the College of Education is to establish supportive and collaborative relationships with students to facilitate their self-directed understanding of degree requirements and appropriate course selections. Since the ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans and life goals rests with individual students, advisors will empower students by:

  • Promoting opportunities to clarify their career and life goals and assess their academic strengths and challenges. 
  • Providing accurate and relevant information about academic programs and other educational experiences available to them.
  • Reminding students to be responsible for meeting their academic program requirements found in the MTSU Catalog. 
  • Monitoring their progress toward completion of their academic plans and compliance with institutional expectations of academic standing and progress. 
  • Encouraging use of institutional and community services in support of academic success.

There is no "advising period." Advising takes place year round, whether or not registration is in process.