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Summer 2023

Geoscience of Caves - GEOL 3040-D01  Fully Online with optional field trip to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Please see the information below from Professor Mark Abolins.  Click here for more information.

If you could use this science course, it sounds like a really interesting 3 semester hour MTSU Online cave course (14-May registration deadline). The course includes an online service component. In the past, students worked with partners to prepare a digital cave map and sort digital photos. Although this is an online course, there is also an optional trip to Mammoth Cave for those who are local.

I can work with individuals to make sure their needs are met and their interests are satisfied. Therefore, any interested student can take the course.  

Mark Abolins, Ph.D.
LERN Certified Online Instructor (COI)

Bringing together geology, spatial analysis, and remote sensing to understand the Earth.

Room 217, Davis Science Building (DSB)

Webpage: http://www.mtsu.edu/~mabolins
Professor of Geology
Department of Geosciences
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37132
Tel: 615-494-7986
Fax: 615-898-5592
E-mail: Mark.Abolins@mtsu.edu

Together we create solutions. Together we create the future.



Political Campaign Management - PS 3340-001  TR 4:20-5:45 pm
Learn to Manage a Political Campaign (3 Cr. Hrs.)
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This course teaches students how to run a modern political campaign. The goal of the class is to create a stimulating and interactive environment by actually running a campaign in the classroom. A current state or federal race will be selected and students will choose class members to be the “candidates.” Competing campaigns are then built around these students. Class members will experience all they would if working on an actual campaign. They are involved with designing logos, direct mail and television ads.

Women's Health - HLTH 4390 (CRN 10299) Wednesday 2:40 pm - 5:40 pm
Applies and extends the knowledge base of health care for women and provides students with the knowledge to help them enhance their own and others’ health. (3 Cr. Hrs.)
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EXL 3010 Service Learning Practicum (Independent Study)
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Opportunity to take part in service-learning projects with community partners. Pass/Fail. (May be repeated for a total of up to six credits.)
1.000 TO 3.000 Credit hours