Committee Members

For information about the General Education Committee/True Blue Core Committee, see MTSU Policy 32 University Committees.

*midyear replacements

Name Division/Department Term
Keely O' Brien BAS/Agriculture 2021-2024
Rebecca Fischer BHS/Health and Human Performance 2021-2024
Keith Gamble BUS/Economics and Finance 2021-2024
Amy Sayward LA/History 2021-2024
Leon Alligood/Andrea Hall* ME/Journalism and Strategic Media 2021-2024
Sungyoon Lee COE/Elementary and Special Education 2021-2024
Yi Gu BAS/Computer Science 2022-2025
Ann McCullough, Chair LA/World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 2022-2025
Nita Brooks/Stephanie Totty* BUS/Information Systems and Analytics 2022-2025
Angie Hooser COE/Elementary and Special Education 2022-2025
Scott McDaniel UC/University Studies 2022-2025
Janet Colson BHS/ Human Sciences  2022-2025
Teresa Davis  BHS/ Psychology 2023-2026
Stephen Salter/Michael Peasley* BUS/ Accounting  2023-2026
Natalie Griffin COE/ Elementary and Special Education  2023-2026
Suzanne Mangrum LIB/ Library Collection Development & Mg 2023-2026
Jorge Vargas BAS/ Engineering Technology 2023-2026
Laura Cochrane  LA/ Art and Design  2023-2026
Giselle Noel Student 2023-2024
Kera Reynolds Student 2023-2024
Susan Myers-Shirk Director, General Education Ex Officio
Amy Aldridge Sanford Vice Provost for Academic Programs Ex Officio
Christopher Brewer Assistant Vice Provost, Institutional Effectiveness Ex Officio 
Amy Atchison Chairs Council Representative Ex Officio
Jeffery Gibson Associate Dean-College of Liberal Arts Ex Officio