Leadership Positions

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Membership in a fraternity or sorority provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills through chapter leadership positions, event planning, and leadership development programs.

Blue Elite

Blue Elite are campus visit leaders that showcase the beautiful MTSU campus to prospective students and their families during campus tours and recruitment events.  This is a fun and paid position.

Resident Assistants

RAs provide guidance and assistance to students living in the residence halls. They serve as positive role models and are available for peer counseling, crisis intervention, and facilitating involvement on campus.

Student Ambassadors

Ambassadors serve as official hosts and hostesses for the University at presidential, alumni, donor, University, and athletic functions which provides them with leadership and networking opportunities.

Student Government Association

The SGA serves as the official liaison between the student body and the administration. Senators and students on various committees strive to be the voice of all students and to improve the quality of campus life for all.

Student Organizations

Getting involved with student organizations is an excellent way to develop leadership skills, meet new people with similar interests, and strengthen professional, personal, and interpersonal skills.

Student Orientation Assistants

SOAs lead and assist with CUSTOMS orientation sessions. They facilitate the transition of new undergraduate students into the university and provide an inside look at student life at MTSU.


The Student Programming Council selects campus programs and events and works closely with acts or events to provide students with the best possible programming available.



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