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Student Programming & Raider Entertainment (SPARE) is a student group advised by the MTSU Student Programming & Activities office. It is SPARE's mission to provide quality, low-cost entertainment for students throughout the year. SPARE focuses its efforts on providing various types of entertainment to the student body. Our councils include Concerts, Films, Marketing, and Variety, as well as operating the STU Game Room and operating Spirit Activities at Walnut Grove.
Students signed up with SPARE will have opportunities to gain event coordination experience, opportunities for employment, and opportunities for networking through meeting new friends and getting involved. While many positions in the organization are experienced-based volunteer opportunities, there are two paid employment positions. Council members may apply to work in the Game Room, as well as may apply to be a projectionist (council members will have first priority of shifts for the STU Video Theater). Events held throughout the school year include concerts, comedians, movie screenings, and much more! We invite you to get involved with the individual councils by visiting our How to Get Involved page.

About Us

SPARE is funded through student activities fees. In return, we put the money back into the students' hands through our various councils. Any student in good standing with the university can join a council and provide input for the current events we host, as well as generating ideas for new, future programs. Events are planned, promoted, and implemented by MTSU students with the goal of providing the best entertainment at the lowest cost.
We understand that collegiate education outside of the classroom is essential to the well-rounded college student. We know that providing students with individual opportunities to learn and grow experientially complements the great education that students at MTSU receive resulting in balanced and successful graduates. We believe that all programs and experiences we offer are structured to help students make the most of their education at Middle Tennessee State University.
The SPARE office is located in MTSU Student Union room 340. The staff welcomes your comments, questions and suggestions. You may contact us at 615-898-2551.