ACT (American College Testing) National Exam

The ACT National is a college admissions examination. Scores can be reported to any desired college. Test takers must register and have acceptable photo ID (valid driver's license) and ACT admission ticket.

ACT On Campus/Residual vs ACT National

The ACT On Campus/Residual and the ACT National are not the same test.  Here is a comparison of the two:

ACT On Campus/Residual ACT National
Register and pay on MTSU Testing Services website Register and pay on ACT’s website
Cannot write in test books, scratch paper is provided Able to write in test books
Scores are available usually in a week Scores are available usually in 4 weeks
Scores stay at MTSU, cannot transfer scores to other colleges     Scores are available to any college
Test takers pick up scores on campus Scores are sent to test taker and college(s)

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