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The MTSU School of Music history classes are taught by our highly qualified and diverse faculty. Our Coordinator of Musicology is Dr. Joseph Morgan. We have wonderful resources for students interested in Musicology with MTSU's Center for Chinese Music and Culture, run by founding Director Dr. Mei Han, where students can delve into the rich world of Chinese music, culture, and instruments through classes, ensemble participation and visiting artists. MTSU is also home to the Center for Popular Music. The Center is one of the nation's oldest and largest research archives devoted to preserving and studying the full scope of American popular music. Director of the Center for Popular Music is Dr. Gregory Reish, who is also a School of Music faculty member. 

Musicology is a great path for students interested in the why's of music, the history of music, and following threads that make up the larger whole of music. Taking music history classes and participating in ensembles as an undergradutate is a wonderful way to get your feet wet in the world of musicology. MTSU also offers a Master of Music in Musicology.

For any music question you might have please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Call: (615) 898-2469 or email: 

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