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Student Testimonials

Silviu Silviu Octavian Ciulei - Being awarded this Full International Music Scholarship has allowed me to better myself as a musician, to focus more on aspects that I would not have been able to focus on without having such an award. This award, as well as an Undergraduate Research Grant (URSCA Grant) from the Undergraduate Research Program at MTSU, have made it possible for me to go and compete in both nationally and internationally acclaimed guitar competitions and win prizes under a very competitive musical atmosphere. I am greatly thankful to have been selected as the recipient for such an important and valuable award that has helped me so much in every aspect.
Lindsey Brison - My music scholarship has opened the door to my music career, allowing me to study under some of the finest musicians while lessening the expensive financial strain of a college degree. This contribution to my musical and academic education will allow me to reach my dreams.
Sara Panjehpour - My music scholarship has helped me in so many ways. Not only has it given me the opportunity to pursue a field I truly love, but it has motivated me to excel at it.