School of Music Student Advisory Council (SOMSAC)

The School of Music Student Advisory Council (SOMSAC) is an elite group of music majors who provide leadership and service for the School of Music. SOMSAC advocates for students and collaborates with the music faculty and staff to promote the best environment possible for the School of Music.


Marina Loza
 MTSU SOMSAC President Marina Loza

Vice President
Jessebeth Lowery

MTSU SOMSAC Vice President Jessebeth Lowery

Public Relations
Cameron Roberts
 MTSU SOMSAC Public Relations Cameron Roberts


Alex Baldwin
SOMSAC Senator Alex Baldwin
Jessebeth Lowery
SOMSAC Senator Jessebeth Lowery
Cameron Roberts
SOMSAC Senator Cameron Roberts
Daniel Perez

Hannah Blankenship
SOMSAC Senator Hannah Blankenship
Will King
SOMSAC Senator Will King
Luis Olvera
SOMSAC Senator Luis Olvera

Rayna Boyd
SOMSAC Senator Rayna Boyd
Ava Olsen
SOMSAC Senator Ava Olsen
Connor Prim
SOMSAC Senator Connor Prim

J'Niya Challenger
SOMSAC Senator J'Niya Challenger
Marina Loza
SOMSAC Senator Marina Loza
Leah Piccirillo
SOMSAC Senator Leah Piccirillo

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