University Seminar (UNIV 1010)

Thanks for your interest in learning more about University Seminar (UNIV 1010). This webpage contains some essential overview information about what UNIV 1010 is, who should consider taking it, why the course matters, and when the course is offered.

University Seminar is a three-hour elective course available to students at the beginning of their studies at MTSU. The curriculum is intentionally structured to help students build effective strategies, skills, and support that are essential for success in college.

In the course students will:

  • Build and implement strategies to maximize their learning and to find intentional involvement.
  • Sharpen their study practices, time-management skills, and abilities in academic research, writing, and presentation.
  • Develop a network of peers, faculty, and staff who can provide critical support in the first year; identify and use essential campus resources which promote student success. 

Who is UNIV 1010 for?

UNIV 1010 is for students new to MTSU. Specifically, it is for those students who want to:

  • Make sure they find community at MTSU,
  • Ensure that they know how to succeed academically in college classes,
  • Learn how to study effectively for college classes,
  • Determine how to manage their time well, and avoid procrastination,
  • Ensure that that they find their people and purpose at MTSU,
  • Have a small class to reflect on their experience transitioning to college,
  • Find support available to them on campus,
  • Orient themselves toward success.

Why take UNIV 1010?

  • Helps you find a home base on a large campus.
  • Helps you develop efficient and effective study practices.
  • Helps you find or confirm an ideal major and locate essential areas for involvement out of class.
  • Offers vital support through the transition to living and learning in college.

When is UNIV 1010 offered?

UNIV 1010 is beneficial to all students, and sections are offered at a variety of times and in a variety of formats in order to ensure that any student can enroll. Check the current offerings using the “lookup courses” feature in pipeline, or discuss the offerings with your academic advisor.

Class sections are offered in a traditional format, which meets for three hours a week (meeting three days a week for 55 minutes each day, two days a week for 85 minutes each day). Web-assisted sections are also offered. These sections meet for 85 minutes a week, and students utilize web-based instructional materials to supplement and deepen the in-person meetings. Fully online sections are also offered. The online sections are subject to distance learning fees.

Some sections of UNIV 1010 are tailored to specific student populations, including students enrolled in the Honors College, international students,

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