Referral Services

An MTSU counselor may determine a student’s treatment needs fall outside the scope of our brief, short-term model of care.  This determination can occur upon completion of the first appointment or during the counseling process.

Referral Services assist students by helping:

  • determine which local providers accept the student’s insurance
  • navigate health insurance coverage, such as understanding co-pays and deductibles
  • assist in finding low-cost providers if the student is uninsured
  • consider which therapist may be a good fit
  • refer based on proximity if transportation is a challenge

MTSU Counseling Services provides referral services to students who are in need or requesting the following services:

  • Documentation for an emotional support animal
  • Family, marriage, or couples counseling
  • Students presenting with a specific disorder that requires specialized treatment, such as eating disorders, substance use, or chronic self-injury
  • Treatment requiring long-term psychotherapy or long-term medication management:
    • At least weekly or more than weekly services for an extended period
    • Extensive need for crisis intervention
    • Present with chronic, ongoing risk of harm to self or others; such as multiple hospitalizations, or chronic suicidality
  • Psychological evaluation for ADHD or ongoing medication management for ADHD
  • Mandated counseling or to provide testimony or documentation in any legal matters
  • Any type of psychological evaluations or assessments, including Fitness for Duty

If you have any questions about off-campus referrals, please call (615) 898-2670.


Counseling Services

KUC 326-S
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Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday

For after-hour emergencies call Mobile Crisis: 1-800-704-2651. Or go to the nearest emergency room.