LiveText by Watermark is the online e-portfolio and assessment system that the College of Education has chosen to use as a means to gather data about student learning and evaluate program effectiveness. LiveText by Watermark provides students with a secure method for submitting and tracking performance, preparing and sharing customized electronic portfolios with classmates, instructors and potential employers, and access to digital resources.

Who is required to purchase LiveText by Watermark

  1. Students enrolled in an initial licensure program are required to purchase LiveText by Watermark upon admission to the Teacher Education Program or earlier if advised by program faculty.
  2. Students enrolled in an advanced-level program at the post-baccalaureate or graduate level leading to licensure, certification, or an additional endorsement.

Where do you purchase LiveText by Watermark

Students will purchase the LiveText by Watermark 5-year Student Membership (Field Experience Management) for $133.00 from LiveText by Watermark (click Buy, top-right corner).  Make sure you purchase the Field Experience Management edition.

If you have problems purchasing or registering your account, contact support@watermarkinsights.com  or 1-800-311-5656. LiveText by Watermark Resources--e.g., LiveText HelpCenter, FAQs, user guides, and videos will be available once you activate your LiveText Membership. 

Support for LiveText by Watermark 


Technical Support Hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00am - 7:00pm CT