Emergency Preparedness and Active Threats

MTSU Police are Trained to Take the Lead

MTSU Police officers have been trained to respond to a wide range of emergencies. In addition, the Murfreesboro City Police will assist MTSU Police with manpower and equipment in a crisis situation.

MTSU Police Expect Students, Faculty, and Staff to

  • Keep your Rave Alert account information current. All current students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled for email notifications In order to receive text messages, users must have a text-capable handset, their mobile number registered with Rave, and must be able to receive text messages (not have text messages blocked). Since email addresses are automatically entered, users must log in to the system to add phone numbers and additional email addresses.
  • Be watchful and aware of your environment and of one another. Call the police to report suspicious behavior.
  • Respond immediately to official notices, requests, commands and alarms.
  • In a crisis situation, remain as calm as possible.
  • In a situation of violence, fire, chemical hazard, or severe weather, escape the threat. Find a way to get away from the danger. Use good judgment.
  • In a situation with a threat nearby, hide in place or, if possible, move to another location. Use good judgment.
  • When the opportunity is there, call the police.
    • To reach University Police on a campus phone, call 9-1-1 or 615-898-2424.
    • On your cell phone, call 615-898-2424.
    • If you call 9-1-1 on your cell phone, you will reach City Police.

Emergency situations are fluid in nature. Therefore, individuals must adjust their thinking to fit the crisis—and focus on preserving life by doing whatever is necessary at the time.

Please review the Alert4U webpage for more information on the following: