Inclement Weather

Storms and hazardous weather conditions can cause damage to property and even threaten the safety of persons in our area.

MTSU utilizes Accuweather, a weather monitoring service provider, to accurately forecast dangerous tornado conditions that could directly affect campus and the Tennessee Miller Coliseum complex. If Accuweather spots a weather system capable of creating a tornado that is likely to impact these two geographic areas, MTSU will notify the campus community of a Tornado Warning through the use of tornado sirens, text messaging, emails, phone calls, social media outlets, and digital signage.

For more information on emergency notifications and preparations for tornados, visit the MTSU Tornado preparedness webpage.

Inclement weather (including sleet, storms, ice, and snow) can make road conditions hazardous and travel difficult and dangerous. In the event of severe weather or hazardous road conditions, MTSU may cancel classes or close the University entirely. In such cases, MTSU utilizes emergency notifications through the MTSU Critical Notification System and traditional media outlets to advise students, employees, and the general public of these decisions.

For more information on inclement weather and notification mechanisms for university closings, visit mtsunews.