Victim Assistance

Anyone who has been victimized by an act of crime, such as sexual assault, family violence, robbery, assault or other violent acts, can get help. Services are also available to family members and friends.

The rights of suspects and defendants involved in the criminal process are unquestionably important, yet it is equally important to protect the rights of the victims of crime. Victims have a need and an expectation to obtain fair and humane treatment from law enforcement personnel. Crime victims often suffer physical, psychological, and financial injuries. The first source of protection for most victims is the police officer. "The manner in which police officers treat a victim affects not only their immediate and long term ability to deal with the event but also their willingness to assist in a prosecution." (President's Task Force on Crime, 1982) A victim treated well during a crisis provides the officer with a witness who will be better prepared to provide an accurate account of the event. The department recognizes the importance of professional victim services, therefore it shall be the responsibility of all department members to serve as an advocate for all victims and witnesses to safeguard their rights and service their needs.

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