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MTSU's University College focuses on the long-term success of its students by providing the services and support needed to succeed both academically and beyond.

By bringing together many of the discrete groups that have worked so hard providing these services and putting them within a single entity, the University College is poised to develop systems and structures to make these processes simpler and better for its students.

Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Sluder, Dean, and his team, the University College manages the online programs for MTSU as well as the Adult Degree Completion Program and other services.

Mission: The University College plays an integral role in meeting the student-centered access, retention, and partnership goals of Middle Tennessee State University. The College provides exemplary academic programs and support services and promotes excellence by building partnerships to support MTSU's programs and services. The University College

  • provides support to students transitioning to MTSU from high school, other colleges or universities, the military, or the workforce;
  • serves diverse student populations and assists them in fulfilling the goal of earning a college degree; and;
  • extends the university's resources through outreach, partnerships, and distance learning to provide high quality educational opportunities for lifelong learners.

 The programs and staff of the college have been recognized by numerous state and national program.


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